“For what stronger pleasure is there with mankind…than the love of hearing and relating things strange and incredible? How wonderful a thing is the Love of wondering, and of raising Wonder!”

-Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury.

The Thinker's Garden

Our Sensibilities

We are friends of the Rational, and yet we readily indulge in the raptures of the imaginative spirit. Naturally, our inspiration for the Garden’s temenos of friendship comes from Epicurus, but we also love Plotinus and the Renaissance Platonists, as well as the Transcendentalists and Romantics. We are also drawn to the peculiarities of the Theosophists and hermeticists of the nineteenth century.

Our Patrons

Schwur auf dem Rütli by Jean Renggli (1891)-The Thinker's Garden
Schwur auf dem Rütli by Jean Renggli (1891)

We take as our patrons Prometheus, Mercury, and Trophonius. Each one is an initiator in his own right and symbolises an aspect of our garden.

Prometheus the Titan represents the creative Spark; the indomitable Genius electrifying the Minds of Humankind.

Mercury The Olympian is the Preceptor and Sustainer of all Arts and Letters.

Trophonius the Hero denotes the mystic Profundities of Experience which have fascinated Humanity from time immemorial.

The Thinker's Garden Emblem

Jonah Locksley (known here as “The Custodian”) is the pseudonymous opifex behind the garden. He mostly keeps to the shadows, but does, on occasion, give presentations on subjects that interest him. For example, Jonah has spoken about his favourite folklorist Charles Godfrey Leland at The South East London Folklore Society and Treadwell’s Bookshop. He can be reached on Twitter at @A_Scholar_Gypsy or by filling in the form below.